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10th MARCH, my BIG day :D

RED is the sex yooooo


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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SHALL update my blog today , sorry for neglecting this blog recently didn't mean to let this blog dead just that I got no mood to blog recently pls understand me ...

9th of march[daddy] && 20th of march [mummy]
last but not least
10th of march [ mine birthday ] ps no photo &&
but I had a wonderful birthday party with friend in school and thank so much for the presents and the surprises you gave me ~

Many things happen recently , sadness , disappointment cause me to breakdown , crying make my eye swollen the next day , I know many things won't be the same anymore thank to my stubborn attitude , after this few days of thinking , I change perhaps I just wanna be happy but its is so damn hard ! laughing all the way in school act as if I am really happy but once I am all alone somewhere I start to anyhow think again and of course all sorts of negative thoughts came haunting my mind again,come on acting that I am really okay,  acting that I am really happy its really tough, can I still continue to be like this, how long can it really last ? I really wonder ~  stressing with school works , I CAN'T COPE WITH SEC 5 WORKS ! I am really scare that I am going to waste one year just like that studying nothing and fail my "o" regret not going Ite for further studies previously to get my degree and start working ~

ANYWAY , bestie thank for helping me update my super dead blog and scolding me asking me to wake up form this dreams , I understand that by quarreling with my parents make me a bad child , I will try to control my temper cum attitude so that I won't quarrel with my parents so that aften , don't worry much ~ Yea they can be quite naggy sometime and sometime too naggy on my moodless day make me lose my temper , I do not want to quarrel with them either but they sometime really get on my nerves... But I really understand that their naggy-ness is good for me so I will listen bahx , and I will cherish them de don't worry that much ... I know I should also control my temper and attitude , I will also try to change for the better de ~ and ya gratz that you and you stead finally okay le , Last long long kkay , I don't want to hear any breaking up or stuff from you k ? cherish her pls , she is a very nice girl and do take care alot too ! o ya I forgot , me and stead although haven break but we seem like stranger , I am trying to ignore everything so I can feel happier... Last but not least don't worry I won't do anything that will hurt me de I am not the last time jasmine anymore anyhow slash and what so ever liao hence now I have stronger mindset le so don't worry ! && yea I will study hard de lahx dun worry k ? && of course will keep my blog alive ~

Baby , I know we are drifting but I do not know what the is the main reason that cause us to drift so fast , I remember 1 year ago , the way you treated me is so different from others I knew and its was the first time a guy treated me this way ... 1 year ago you let me feel important to you 1 year later we are totally like stranger , sms not more than 5 a day and we have already not met for 1 month 2 weeks le maybe to you meet or never meet aren't important at all ...  But to me its is very important I wish to spend every single moment with you just like last time but I know it cannot be done anymore , can you pls tell me the reason of changing , the change in you,really make me feel insecure ... I perhap too rely on you , I need you more than anyone does , it is hurtful just to see you change ... everytime my classmate ask me about you or say your name out I will rather turn emo but not to reveal my emoness I laugh but I was just acting , its is really damn hurtful to see you change this way ...

Shall end here ~
Good night earthlings
Take care !

5:39:00 AM