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10th MARCH, my BIG day :D

RED is the sex yooooo


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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hey alan hereby to post for uue ha.... Alan saw uur blog since like going dead zzz....
eh bestie can uue jus wake up... don drop in deeper n deeper not tatt i wanna scold uue or wad but uue go think ok not everyone don understand uue k. Uue go think tatt uur heart inside got hw many secret nv tell uur parent. Uue go think k, uur parent is care for uue de maybe they are naggy but is still good for uue understand. Let mwii tell uue something got alot of orphan in singapore they have no parent to care for them but uue got parent wid uue y don cherish them rather then being so rude to them can uue. Uue don everytime say can uue noe... Go think ok i noe tatt uur sis giving uue alot of trouble but uue must think uue last time hw uue treating uur parent nw she treating uue bck k it the same she learn from uue hmmm bestie anything uue can text mwii ok must taggy mwii too zzzz siian

Anw mwii n my stead ok ler
uue do takecaiire n stay happy
don because of a guy uue end uur story here
guy only not end of world ok
CHEER UP man!!!

Don do something tatt hurt uurself it not worth for a guy don love uue
in these world there is alot of guy k... uue jus need to wait don think too much nw
carry on the task tatt uue need to do i mean uur study k


1:27:00 PM