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10th MARCH, my BIG day :D

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Monday, September 21, 2009

This is the new LG phone, the LG GD900 Crystal:

It has a utterly transparent keypad lorhx , make me feel like getting it cuz it is like damn chio lorhx ... but most of my friend say Lg phone super lag , perhaps getting other phone bahx ...

Random speech 
What is life all about ?
life go through up and down , nothing is fair nothing is perfect , is its the matter of how you look at things and how to solve it in the correct ways... 
To me , I presonally find it that life is fill with stress and often enough I feel like commiting sucide and I know its wrong to think about this ... 
sometime I wonder why human face so much unwanted problems ? 
To me is maybe god is trying to test us ? wanting to see how good are we in trying to solve a problem and teaching us how to be more independent ...
why do some people work so hard yet can't get what they wanted , while others get what they wanted so easily without putting in any effort? why is the world so unfair ?
To me , I think is by luck bahx ? life is fill with unfairness and we have to admit it and continue to live on ? cuz its our life ? 
random wrote [ just ignore it if you don't wanna read]
some question is taken from ri ri 's blog 

anyway its been a long time since I last saw my grandma , awww I seriously miss her , must go visit her soon maybe this weekend???

Half quit audition [ don't ask me why] 


p/s : ri ri cheer up okay ? everything will be alright de :D

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