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10th MARCH, my BIG day :D

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yesterday met baby @ Jurong point together with my sister and went catch this stupid yet funny movie 
rating 4/5
stupid yet funny :D total this movie got three episodes , first one retard , second one damn funny but got one part scary , third one kind of sad :( NG part was super hilarious lahx !
After movie went back to ANI PLAY with baby and my sister , drangonica and  audition for 6 hours =X
pretty tired && bad for eye-sight lahx
train-ed home at 10pm :D

Today rot my day off at home suppose to be meeting baby today but too much homework make me mad , must start working hard le , exam are coming closer and closer each day , thinking of whether to go sec 5 or ITE[ which I dun wanna go but what to do ? tumb down for my result ]
Just now went login my friendster which I have not login for dunno how many years le went searching for some close friends which I chat with last time , I think they forget me le bahx ? dunno and dun wanna know haha miss the past but love my current life >3 but current life is damn stressful !

alright off to audi soon, got to do my lic !!!!
so mad at my stupid prefect which I can't chain at all , call me a noob I dunch care cuz I knew I am one :D

11:47:00 PM