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10th MARCH, my BIG day :D

RED is the sex yooooo


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Monday, April 27, 2009

Recently addicted to Thai song because I find it quite meaningful :D

came across this video yesterday night && the next thing I do was to watch the whole movie although it is last year de movies but it is the best romance movie I ever watched (T_T) so sad..i cried..use up the whole packet of tissue paper , my friends say I was lame esp boys lol =x

didn't went school today , feeling damn unwell , damn uneasy , head pain , didn't see doctor dunno what will happen tomorrow , detention ???
recently kept sick =(((( dunno what happen , most of my friends ask me rest well, yesterday they almost send me back home during S.S lesson but I didn't want to , I love school but hate waking up so early in the morning just to prepare for school , do anyone agree with me ???
been to several peeps blog recently and read the things they wrote , can say great post :D
wish that I could write like them && post lots of photos like them sound great isn't it? :D

miss my precious besties in school :( sob can I dunch be sick anymore ? I seriously HATE that feeling of being sick , can't go school , waste my time at home , can't meet baby was the worst thing , its has been a long long time since he fetch me from school , miss the past nehx , when he can fetch me every single day from school even if weekend when we are going to meet , he will fetch me from my house miss miss miss miss but what can I do ???

going to write letter to baby and give him tomorrow as I promise haha :))) tomorrow I will return back to school for sure as I miss my friends :))) laugh [!]

May stop audi-ing for awhile as I got to chiong study le , wish me luck for N lvl , time flies and I have yet study hope I will not fail && stay back in sec 4 , I wanna go sec 5 !!!I want this doggie can ??? buy for me can ?

Materialistic Dream
This is MY FAV CAR of all >3 if it is in RED it is even better >3

Bye darlinks , take lots of care >3 . Drink more water as the weather is very bad now !!!

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