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10th MARCH, my BIG day :D

RED is the sex yooooo


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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hmmm here to post for you.
It seem like your blog is dead never update norh.
I dunno wad is going on,
maybe you are really that busy till no time to sms barhx= haha it okay nahr,
Anw takecare off yourself don't think too much.
Anything just sms me.

And last and for all is that exam coming wish you all the best for your end off year exam
hope you can pass it with flying colour.

By: Akashii

2:15:00 PM

Saturday, September 18, 2010


1:53:00 PM

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Xiao Demon~"21"
Once n again i help uue to decorate uur blog hope uue like it ha
don't sad sad k don't cry
anything can jus tell mwii
i willing to lend uue my ear

8:24:00 PM

Sunday, May 2, 2010

FEVER , COUGH , HEADACHE , SORE THROAT , fcking irritating ! 
off to see doctor  , byes !

5:20:00 PM

Friday, April 30, 2010

Thx for calling me this afternoon although its is just a 3 min talk but I guess everything is just worth it , miss your voice miss your everything , shall meet up real soon if not really DBT ! Trust me have faith in me <3 I won't leave you just like that , our relationship won't so fragile right ? won't ever ever leave or even ever say break ! Remember our forever agreement in 6 years time from my age $100 000 complete everything :D

Didn't went school again because I am late and I am way too tired and I guess my health is also falling becoming more and more worst , headache , cough , sore throat , vomit blood all in one sudden , hey will I die ? I wonder ? what happen next ? hey I am scare now ! But never mind continue with my story,
been chatting with sufi my lovely brother for the past few days or should I say weeks chatted with him with lots and lots of topic but it was about the same , complaining yeah I am just complaining this and that to him life is way too sucky even if I said this way I guess the most pity one is him because he have endure with all my complaining and nagging when he is not even emo but when he is emo worst I am just adding stress to him wanted him to help me share all my worries and stuff plus he still need to care for me worry about me when I sudden mood change never reply his smses , I feel like I am just dragging him down to my own emo world lo , so unfair I know so I am here to say lots of lots of SORRY to him my lovely brother I hope I could just shut my mouth up without complaining how bad my bloody life is !so mess up with all the problems and troubles and lots of unwanted stuff . Effing tired already ! But what to do ? But lovely brother thank for lending me ur ear and always there for me when I needed someone to alibaba with ~ Been quarreling with my sister from up to down , left to right , screaming and shouting is not longer in use , it will just hurt my throat so I just let her be but her bloody attitude is the only reason I get so bloody angry every single toot day ! , I am just scare one day I just cannot tahan anymore and just whack her , yeah I mean whack her ! But still have to say sorry to her too , I know my attitude stink too can't blame me we both are just having mood swing here and there so we anyhow alibaba with each other but I guess our sistership still won't change that much bahx standing tall and strong ! everytime quarrel with each other in the end also smile smile laugh laugh in the end sometime I really wonder why do we always quarrel so much? so stupid can ! should spend more time with each other without quarreling already la ! And again been quarreling with my parent too because of mood swing and some misunderstanding between us I really hope I could stop all this quarrel , sorry for blaming you guys for not buying me iphone and stuff cuz I very boylish don't how to really treasure things once anything on my hand a few moment later the stuff become very cui just like the hairband I play for 3 min broke into half , my hand super itchy I left with no choice but to break anything that are so fragile ! But I really wish to own one Iphone on my own but mummy say no touch screen phone for me :( cuz I easily drop my phone ~

currently chatting with ALAN TOH ZI XIONG my bestie , chatting craps because way too boring and he ask me go play one facebook game call Happy Aquarium , he got so addict to this game already lahx ! he say he super love fishy gng to intro him one new fishy facebook game more fun than this de can catch beautiful fishy and put them in your fish tank... Oh ya you know what I got his facebook acc password and username can hack his acc already but I am not so bad til go hack bestie acc lahx ! yaya bestie when want audi with me har ? I level 15 liao :D soon nj you ! beware ! But the most importantly bestie thank for always staying by my side listening to all my unhappiness and stuff truly touch and thank for the special and precious advices to me and always helping me to update my dead blog when I neglected it to keep it alive with your post and picture ~

currently chatting with N1GHT too , HAPPY WATCHING SOCCER !  But I just don't understand why boys love to watch soccer that much ? 20 peoples or izzit more or izzit less chasing one ball to goal very interesting mehx =X maybe its is just boys's interest but don't watch til too late o ><

sorry for the lack of photo and effing long post with all the craps in it , pardon my english because I don't even know what am I talking about , its 2.49 am in the morning  , good morning everyone !
and lastly I haven been to clementi for quite sometime which mean I haven been meeting bibi lurbe for quite sometime already but I know you miss me I miss you too !

11:34:00 AM

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do I really love you or am I just needing you ? my friend asked me this question just now without further thinking I replied YES I really do love you ! But do you still love me ?

7:15:00 AM